Childress Tree LLC

Professional tree work ~ Serving Linn and Benton counties in Oregon

Ezra Childress, owner of Childress Tree, has lived in the Willamette Valley most of his life, and has been providing local tree services since 2002. Twenty years and extensive training in the power line clearance industry has given Ezra and his crews the experience needed to work safely in any environment.

The challenge of identifying hazardous trees is one of the most difficult services an arborist provides. Understanding the root structures and the crown weight of trees is critical to understanding the safety and ongoing health of the trees. This is one of Ezra’s specialties.

He has a special interest in restoration of native prairies and native environments, and a love for oak savannah restoration. Removing invasive species from oak savannahs strengthens the oaks and lets them grow to their natural height.

Whether working from the treetops or swimming with the dolphins, Ezra enjoys the natural world around him.